Frederik Ziebell

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Acinar cells make up the majority of all cells in the pancreas, yet the source of new acinar cells during homeostasis remains unknown. Using multicolor lineage-tracing and organoid-formation assays, we identified the presence of a progenitor-like acinar cell subpopulation. These cells have long-term self-renewal capacity, albeit in a unipotent fashion. We(More)
In the adult hippocampus, neurogenesis-the process of generating mature granule cells from adult neural stem cells-occurs throughout the entire lifetime. In order to investigate the involved regulatory mechanisms, knockout (KO) experiments, which modify the dynamic behaviour of this process, were conducted in the past. Evaluating these KOs is a non-trivial(More)
The poor immunogenicity of pancreatic tumors makes them particularly difficult to treat. Standard chemotherapies and single agent immunotherapies have had notoriously little success in this arena. Oncolytic virus therapy has the potential to enhance the penetration of immunotherapeutically-delivered CAR T cells into the tumor and improve treatment outcomes.(More)
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