Frederik Schütte

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This paper describes the work that is being done within the EU research project DISASTER to solve interoperability issues in cross-border emergency operations by applying a technical solution that is able to create a common operational picture. To that end a twofold solution is proposed: the development of a common and modular ontology shared by all the(More)
Here we present first observations, from in-strumentation installed on moorings and a float, of unexpectedly low (< 2 µmol kg −1) oxygen environments in the open waters of the tropical North Atlantic, a region where oxygen concentration does normally not fall much below 40 µmol kg −1. The low-oxygen zones are created at shallow depth, just below the mixed(More)
– For high performance speed and position control of electrical drives fast online identification is needed for time-varying inertia or load conditions in combination with adaptive controllers. In this paper Extended Kalman Filters are applied and optimized for deterministic parameter variations by integrating basis function networks into the common(More)
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