Frederik Dietrich

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Testing becomes difficult when we cannot easily determine whether the system delivers the correct result or not. To address this issue, we have developed a framework for automated testing of NASA's DAT system using metamorphic testing principles combined with model based testing. Based on the results from using the framework to test DAT we have determined(More)
Numerous proposals for applying temporal logic to the speci cation and veri cation of object-oriented systems have appeared in the past several years. Although various temporal models have been proposed for the requirements analysis of object-oriented distributed systems, there is no similar amount of work for the designand implementation phase. We present(More)
Based on the notion of event-based behavioral abstraction (EBBA) we specify properties of object-oriented distributed systems in linear time temporal logic. These properties are then observed at system run-time and it is checked whether or not the system violates the speciied behavioral constraints. In our approach, several steps in the testing process can(More)
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