Frederik Deroo

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Cooperative manipulation, where several robots collaboratively transport an object, poses a great challenge in robotics. In order to avoid object deformations in cooperative manipulation, formation rigidity of the robots is desired. This work proposes a novel linear state feedback controller that combines both optimal goal regulation and a relaxed form of(More)
— Distributed control of large-scale dynamical systems poses a new challenge to the field of control driven by the technological advances of modern communication networks. A particular challenge is the distributed design of such control systems. Here, a distributed iterative controller synthesis method for continuous time linear systems using a gradient(More)
— Cooperative manipulation of multiple robots presents an interesting control application scenario of coupled dynamical systems with a common goal. Here, we treat the problem of moving a formation of physically interconnected robots to a desired goal while maintaining the formation. This control problen is for example relevant in cooperative transport of an(More)
Privacy concerns spark the desire to analyze large-scale interconnected systems in a distributed fashion, that is, without a central entity having global model knowledge. Two different approaches are presented to analyze the stability of interconnected linear time-invariant systems with limited model knowledge. The two algorithms implement sufficient(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Without the help and support from a large number of people, this work would not have been possible. First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Laurence Jacobs for making this exchange possible and for being a great advisor, supporter, teacher and friend. He opened a new door to ultrasonic wave propagation I might not have entered without(More)
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