Frederico Ruzany

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Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) has become a popular treatment modality but may have the disadvantage of producing substantial protein losses. With use of the Biuret method, a relatively insensitive assay, dialysate/ultrafiltrate protein losses have been reported to be as high as 1.3 g/L. With CRRT outputs of up to 50 L/day, these values would(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the association between previous hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and the occurrence of posttransplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM) among patients undergoing kidney transplants using tacrolimus (FK). From August 1999 to January 2003, 66 patients (36.4 +/- 15.5 years) underwent kidney transplantation using an(More)
Our observation that thalidomide administration to a dialysis patient with leprosy alleviated his pruritus led us to conduct this short-term study to assess the efficacy of the drug in this regard. From 210 hemodialysis patients, 29 cases of refractory uremic pruritus were entered into the study. Patients were instructed to score their symptoms from 0 to 3,(More)
1. The relationship between histocompatibility antigens (HLA) and insulin-dependent diabetes was examined. The relative frequency of HLA and the relative risk were determined for 20 families containing 82 individuals, 23 of whom had insulin-dependent diabetes. The control group contained 102 individuals. 2. The B8, B13, and B15 antigens had the highest(More)
Brazil has the third largest contingent of patients on maintenance hemodialysis (HD) worldwide. However, little is known regarding survival rate and predictors of mortality risk in that population, which are the purposes of this study. A total of 3,082 patients incident on HD, from 2000 to 2004, at 25 dialysis facilities distributed among 7 out of 26 states(More)
BACKGROUND Reduced ankle-arm index (AAI), inflammation and mineral bone disorder (MBD) are all associated with increased risk of death and cardiovascular complications in patients on hemodialysis (HD), but the association between them deserves clarification. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between abnormal AAI with MBD and inflammation in patients(More)
Nineteen patients originating from four hemodialysis centers with infectious endocarditis (IE) were studied during the period of 1985-1989. It was observed high proportion of patients with apparent normal cardiac valves preceding the IE; in 68.42% (13 out of 19 cases) there was an association with vascular access infection, the dialysis treatment time had a(More)
CONTEXT Hyperphosphatemia has an important role in the development of bone and mineral abnormalities in end-stage renal disease (ESRD). OBJECTIVE To compare the phosphorus binding power and the hypercalcemic effect of calcium acetate and calcium carbonate in hemodialysis patients. TYPE OF STUDY Crossover, randomized, double-blind study. PLACE A(More)
In order to study the mechanism of hypokalemic alkalosis which occurs in some patients being treated with disodium carbenicillin, renal clearance experiments were carried out in rats and observations were made on electrical changes in isolated toad bladders. In rats maintained on a sodium-free diet, intravenous infusion of carbenicillin at 40 mg. per hour(More)