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To explore the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (vMPFC) involvement in behavioral and autonomic fear-conditioned responses to context, vMPFC synaptic transmission was temporarily inhibited by bilateral microinjections of 200 nL of the nonselective synapse blocker CoCl(2) (1 mM). Behavioral activity (freezing, motor activity and rearing) as well as evoked(More)
This paper presents a new operator for genetic algorithms that enhances their convergence in the case of nonlinear problems with nonlinear equality constraints. The proposed operator, named CQA (Constraint Quadratic Approximation), can be interpreted as both a local search engine (that employs quadratic approximations of both objective and constraint(More)
This paper describes a multiobjective approach for melody harmonization in evolutionary music. There are numerous methods and a myriad of results to a process of harmonization of a given melody. Some implicit rules can be extracted from musical theory, but some harmonic aspects can only be defined by preferences of a composer. Thus, a multiobjective(More)
— In this paper, we propose a local search methodology to be coupled with a Genetic Algorithm to solve optimization problems with non-linear constraints. This methodology uses quadratic approximations for both objective function and constraints. In the local search phase, these quadratic approximations define an associated problem that is solved using a(More)
Some optimization algorithms based on theories from immunology have the feature of finding an arbitrary number of optima, including the global solution. However, this advantage comes at the cost of a large number of objective function evaluations, in most cases, prohibitive in electromagnetic design. This paper proposes a modified version of the artificial(More)
This paper proposes a local search optimizer that, employed as an additional operator in multiobjective evolutionary techniques, can help to find more precise estimates of the Pareto-optimal surface with a smaller cost of function evaluation. The new operator employs quadratic approximations of the objective functions and constraints, which are built using(More)