Frederico Barbosa de Souza

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This study aimed at evaluating the mechanical, physical and biological properties of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) made from Pinus oocarpa Schiede ex Schltdl (PO) and Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon (PK) and at providing a nondestructive characterization thereof. Four PO and four PK LVL boards from 22 randomly selected 2-mm thickness veneers were produced(More)
We studied the karyotype, spermatogenesis and nucleolar activity at spermatogenesis in five species of Heteropera: Hyalymenus sp and Neomegalotomus pallescens, Alydidae; Catorhintha guttula and Hypselonotus fulvus, Coreidae; and Niesthrea sidae, Rhopalidae. They showed a red (Alydidae) or orange (Coreidae and Rhopalidae) membrane covering the testes, which(More)
The forest sector plays an important role in the economy and, in these times of sustainability, industries need to save natural resources and leverage them as best as possible in order to achieve excellence in product quality and win the consumer market. The use of advanced technologies and improvement in pre-existing techniques is the most efficient way to(More)
Dry beans are considered to be a crop of great socio-economic importance, because they are an inexpensive source of nutrients and because their cultivation requires considerable manual labor. Studies of genetic diversity have been very important for genetic improvement programs, because they give parameters for the identification of genitors that can(More)
An efficient methodology for the synthesis of aryl-substituted vinyl sulfoxides through direct substitution of aryl-substituted alkynyl grignard reagents on menthyl-p-toluenesulfinate followed by Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction has been developed. It has also been described that the reaction of alkyl-substituted and cycloalkyl-substituted alkynyl(More)
We have developed an efficient, CuI-catalyzed, microwave-assisted method for the synthesis of bis-1,2,3-triazole derivatives starting from a 3,4,6-tri- $$O$$ O -acetyl-d-glucal-derived mesylate. This mesylate was obtained from 3,4,6-tri- $$O$$ O -acetyl-d-glucal through $$C$$ C -glycosidation, deprotection of acetate groups to alcohols, and selective(More)
The layer formed by fluoride compounds on tooth surface is important to protect the underlying enamel from erosion. However, there is no investigation into the properties of protective layer formed by NaF and TiF4 varnishes on eroded enamel. This study aimed to evaluate the thickness, topography, nanohardness, and elastic modulus of the protective layer(More)
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