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Automatic detection of planar regions in point clouds is an important step for many graphics, image processing, and computer vision applications. While laser scanners and digital photography have allowed us to capture increasingly larger datasets, previous techniques are computationally expensive, being unable to achieve real-time performance for datasets(More)
A large number of local signatures have been created to represent local characteristics of geometric 3D shapes for the purpose of many computer vision, geometry processing and shape analysis tasks. A local signature is a compact representation that characterizes a small region of a shape. They usually capture information about the neighbourhood of a vertex(More)
Target Image Close-up Poisson Cloning Close-up Our Technique (w = 0.83) Fig. 1: Compositing elements from a source image into a target one. (Left) Source and target images. (Center) Compositing generated by Poisson cloning [1]. (Right) Compositing created with our method by modulating a Laplacian membrane according to some automatically computed parameter(More)
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