Frederick Wu

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Cooperative scheduling is concerned with integrating multiple problem-solving perspectives or objectives when generating solutions to a scheduling problem. Cooperation may involve interactions between humans, between scheduling agents, or between humans and agents. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the later two types of cooperation in which a team(More)
—Virtualization has become a popular way to make more efficient use of server resources within both private data centers and public cloud platforms. While recent advances in CPU architectures and new virtualization techniques have reduced the performance cost of using virtualization, overheads still exist, particularly when multiple virtual machines are(More)
Much of the attention in artificial intelligence (AI) for e-Business has focused on business to consumer transactions. Shopping bots, systems to recommend movies and books based on similar opinions by other users and news filtering agents, are just some examples. However, we feel that AI can have a larger impact on the supply chain that delivers goods and(More)
BACKGROUND Physical and mental health could greatly affect sexual activity and fulfilment, but the nature of associations at a population level is poorly understood. We used data from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) to explore associations between health and sexual lifestyles in Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales).(More)
—Endpoint management is a key function for data center management and cloud management. Today's practice to manage endpoints for the enterprise is labor intensive, tedious and error prone. In this paper, we present Universal Script Wrapper, an innovative solution which provides a unique solution to allow users to manage a group of endpoints as if logged in(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the benefits of adding autonomic capabilities inside the operating system. We have developed and implemented a solution that focuses on three use cases (continuous file permission compliance, dynamic disk cleanup, and accidental removal protection) for the file system, and encapsulates all the respective file system(More)
—Today's businesses have a wealth of options available to them for running their applications. They can use proprietary infrastructures, private data centers, co-location facilities, or public clouds. Applications can be deployed on native hardware or virtualization can be used to improve consolidation and manageability. Public cloud platforms are growing(More)
— Driving productivity transformations in services organizations must be a data-driven exercise. We develop a methodology that exploits effort-data analysis in order to drive productivity optimization initiatives with solid business cases and action plans. A services factory model is applied to a service provider organization to monitor where and how time(More)
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