Frederick Wu

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—Virtualization has become a popular way to make more efficient use of server resources within both private data centers and public cloud platforms. While recent advances in CPU architectures and new virtualization techniques have reduced the performance cost of using virtualization, overheads still exist, particularly when multiple virtual machines are(More)
The ability of human spermatozoa to exhibit sperm-oocyte fusion in response to the ionophore, A23187, was examined in relation to the capacity of these cells to generate reactive oxygen species. In 70 fertile control donors, there was an overwhelming pattern of high levels of sperm-oocyte fusion associated with low levels of reactive oxygen species(More)
Androgens have potent anabolic effects on skeletal muscle and decline with age in parallel to losses in muscle mass and strength. This loss of muscle mass and function, known as sarcopenia, is the central event in development of frailty, the vulnerable health status that presages adverse outcomes and rapid functional decline in older adults. The potential(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the association of hormone levels with the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain. Men ages 40 to 79 years were recruited from population registers in 8 European centres. Subjects were asked to complete a postal questionnaire, which enquired about lifestyle and the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain over the past month.(More)
—Endpoint management is a key function for data center management and cloud management. Today's practice to manage endpoints for the enterprise is labor intensive, tedious and error prone. In this paper, we present Universal Script Wrapper, an innovative solution which provides a unique solution to allow users to manage a group of endpoints as if logged in(More)
marked progress that has been made in this area in recent decades, they also provide a salient reminder of the lessons to be learnt from history, so as not to repeat mistakes from the past. The second article by Rana et al., 2 fast‑forwards to cutting‑edge molecular biolog y, elucidating how genetically modified animal models underpin our mechanistic(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about how socioeconomic position (SEP) across life impacts on different axes of the endocrine system which are thought to underlie the ageing process and its adverse consequences. We examined how indicators of SEP across life related to multiple markers of the endocrine system in late midlife, and hypothesized that lower SEP(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the benefits of adding autonomic capabilities inside the operating system. We have developed and implemented a solution that focuses on three use cases (continuous file permission compliance, dynamic disk cleanup, and accidental removal protection) for the file system, and encapsulates all the respective file system(More)
—Today's businesses have a wealth of options available to them for running their applications. They can use proprietary infrastructures, private data centers, co-location facilities, or public clouds. Applications can be deployed on native hardware or virtualization can be used to improve consolidation and manageability. Public cloud platforms are growing(More)