Frederick W L Kerr

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The ascending degeneration resulting from experimental lesions of the ventral funiculus of the spinal cord of Macaca mulatta has been studied using the Nauta technique and its variants. The ventral spinothalamic tract is shown to be an independent entity with respect to the lateral spinothalamic tract; its fibers are widely distributed in the ventral(More)
Thalamic projections from trigeminal and certain other nuclei of the brainstem of the rat have been investigated using the technique of retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The pattern of trigeminothalamic projections is very specifically related to the individual subnuclei of the complex. The Main Sensory Nucleus (MSN) provides profuse(More)
Knowledge of the segmental neuronal circuitry for noxious and non-noxious input is a necessary prelude to understanding pain mechanisms. Significant gaps in our understanding of the synaptology of these pathways in the dorsal horn have hindered progress in this area. This report describes the excitatory and inhibitory circuits that supply the marginal(More)