Frederick W. Kroon

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We argue that computation via quantum mechanical processes is irrelevant to explaining how brains produce thought, contrary to the ongoing speculations of many theorists. First, quantum effects do not have the temporal properties required for neural information processing. Second, there are substantial physical obstacles to any organic instantiation of(More)
Citations in scientific writing fulfil an important role in creating relationships among mutually relevant articles within a research field. These inter-article relationships reinforce the argumentation structure intrinsic to all scientific writing. Therefore, determining the nature of the exact relationship between a citing and cited paper requires an(More)
1. The state of the art of the controversy In philosophy, ontological debates typically concern the issue of whether, with respect to certain problematic kinds of entities—abstract entities like numbers and universals, phenomenal entities like qualia and sense-data, deontic entities like aesthetical and ethical values, etc.—they in fact exist. In such(More)
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