Frederick W. B. Li

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CyberWalk is a distributed virtual walkthrough system that we have developed. It allows users at different geographical locations to share information and interact within a common virtual environment (<i>VE</i>) via a local network or through the Internet. In this paper, we illustrate that when the number of users exploring the <i>VE</i> increases, the(More)
The high failure rates of many programming courses means there is a need to identify struggling students as early as possible. Prior research has focused upon using a set of tests to assess the use of a student's demographic, psychological and cognitive traits as predictors of performance. But these traits are static in nature, and therefore fail to(More)
Research over the past fifty years into predictors of programming performance has yielded little improvement in the identification of at-risk students. This is possibly because research to date is based upon using static tests, which fail to reflect changes in a student's learning progress over time. In this paper, the effectiveness of 38 traditional(More)
Due to the differences in background knowledge, learning styles and preferences, individual students may take very different approaches towards learning. In light of this, adaptive educational hypermedia systems (AEHSs) have been developed to offer students personalized learning content to improve their learning outcome. These systems typically use(More)
Trimmed NURBS surfaces are often used to model smooth and complex objects. Unfortunately, most existing hardware graphics accelerators cannot render them directly. Although there are a lot of methods proposed to accelerate the rendering of such surfaces, majority of them are based on tessellation, which is developed primarily for handling non-deforming(More)
Multiplayer online games have become very popular in recent years. However, they generally suffer from network latency problem. If a player changes its states, it will take some time before the changes are reflected to other concurrent players. This significantly affects the interactivity of the game. Sometimes, it may even cause disputes among the players.(More)
Feedback is regarded as one of the most important influences on student learning and motivation. But standard compiler feedback is designed for experts not novice programming students, who can find it difficult to interpret and understand. In this paper we present BlueFix, an online tool currently integrated into the BlueJ IDE which is designed to assist(More)
The perifornical lateral hypothalamic area (PeFLH), which houses orexin/hypocretin (OX) neurons, is thought to play an important role in arousal, feeding, and locomotor activity. The present study examined behavioural effects of activating PeFLH neurons with microinjections of ionotropic glutamate receptor agonists. Three separate unilateral microinjections(More)
With the advent of Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) technologies, distance education (e-learning or Web-based learning) has enabled a new era of education. There are a number of issues that have significant impact on distance education, including those from educational, sociological, and psychological perspectives. Rather than attempting to cover(More)