Frederick Van Lente

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Fecal pancreatic elastase 1 (PE-1) has been advocated as a noninvasive marker of pancreatic function and allows detection of moderate and severe exocrine insufficiency. Few studies have evaluated the utility of measuring PE-1 in duodenal fluid for the diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency. Our purpose was (1) to determine the feasibility of measuring PE-1(More)
The EXPERT consultationsystem-buildingtool, a knowledgebased artificial intelligenceprogram developed at Rutgers University,has been appliedto the developmentof a laboratory consultation system facilitating sequential laboratory testing and interpretation. Depending on the results of a basic panel of laboratory tests, the system requests that specific(More)
The implementation of a robotic workstation in the clinical laboratory involves considerations and compromises common to any instrument design and development activity. The trade-off between speed and flexibility not only affects the way the instrument interacts with human operators and other devices (the 'real-world interface'), but also places limitations(More)
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