Frederick Ulrich

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Work on automating vulnerability discovery has long been hampered by a shortage of ground-truth corpora with which to evaluate tools and techniques. This lack of ground truth prevents authors and users of tools alike from being able to measure such fundamental quantities as miss and false alarm rates. In this paper, we present LAVA, a novel dynamic taint(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the prognostic factors in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. SETTING University hospital, Germany. PATIENTS 139 consecutive patients who underwent surgery for follicular (n = 42) and papillary thyroid carcinoma (n = 97). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Survival rate, type of operation (systematic(More)
The majority of transplants are derived from donors who suffered from brain injury. There is evidence that brain death causes inflammatory changes in the donor. To define the impact of brain death, we evaluated the gene expression of cytokines in human brain dead and ideal living donors and compared these data to organ function following transplantation.(More)
Endemic goiter still occurs in several European countries. Alimentary iodine deficiency could be proved as the main cause of endemic prevalence. Extensive epidemiologic surveys showed the great medical and economical impact of this matter for the GDR. Over 200 million Marks might be spent for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid patients per year. Also in the(More)
BACKGROUND The best surgical approach for bilateral resections in the therapy of benign multinodular goiter is still controversial. METHODS The purpose of this study was to compare different modes of resection concerning differences in complication rates and risk factors influencing the outcome. 2235 thyroid resections for multinodular goiter between 1985(More)
Simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation is currently the state of the art therapy for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy. Up to 30% of patients loose the pancreas with a kidney graft that continues to function. Under those conditions, isolated pancreas retransplantation can be indicated. We compared the outcome of these(More)
In 20 patients with a heavy overweight in the course of a fasting cure at 5 different moments gustation tests were carried out: in satiated state, in the acute fasting state and during the building-up phase. It could be proved that the thresholds in the acute fasting state are significantly lower than in the satiated state. Also in the building-up phase(More)