Frederick Stern

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Recommended Citation Yeon, Seong Mo. "Large-eddy simulation of sub-, critical and super-critical Reynolds number flow past a circular cylinder." PhD ii To my beloved wife and two children, Eunmi Kim, Suhan J. Yeon and oncoming baby iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express the deepest appreciation to my advisor, Professor Frederick Stern, who had(More)
Simulation technology is integrated into undergraduate engineering courses and laboratories through the development of teaching modules (TM) for complementary computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics (EFD), and uncertainty analysis (UA). TM include three parts: (1) lectures on CFD and EFD methodology and standard procedures and UA;(More)
Numerical study of two-phase air-water interfacial flow: plunging wave breaking and vortex-interface interaction." 1 ABSTRACT Two different air-water interfacial flows are studied including plunging wave breaking and flow past a vertical surface-piercing circular cylinder using complementary CFDShip-Iowa version 6 including Cartesian grid solver and(More)
The recent development of CFDShip-Iowa Version 6, a high-performance, high-fidelity Cartesian grid solver for computational ship hydrodynamics, is presented. First, a wall function approach has been introduced for wall-layer modeling based on the immersed boundary method and the one-equation Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model. Second, in order to develop(More)
The level set method is susceptible to the numerical dissipation, which usually results in serious mass loss in the under-resolved regions at the interface. In this study, a hybrid particle level set method and a coupled level set and volume-of-fluid method, have been implemented with the aim at improving the mass conservation property of the level set(More)