Frederick Schmid

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It has been shown from an evaluation of the inverse reading of the dosemeter (1/M) against the inverse of the polarizing voltage (1/V), obtained with a number of commercially available ionization chambers, using dose per pulse values between 0.16 and 5 mGy, that a linear relationship between the recombination correction factor kS and dose per pulse (DPP)(More)
The collagen diffraction patterns of human aortas under uniaxial tensile test conditions have been investigated by synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering. Using a recently designed tensile testing device the orientation and d-spacing of the collagen fibers in the adventitial layer have been measured in situ with the macroscopic force and sample stretching(More)
Recent developments in off-lattice self-consistent field theories for inhomogeneous complex fluids are reviewed. Particular emphasis is given to the treatment of intermolecular interactions and compressibility, to the role of fluctuations, and to the discussion of the coarse-graining length which is inherent to the theory. Valuable insight can be gained(More)
Bone screws normally used for functionally stable osteosynthesis were subjected to marginal torque in a limited number of cadaver mandibles. Since the various manufacturers differ considerably in lead, form of thread, and relation of external and internal diameters, the experiments appeared to us to be revealing in terms of the practical application. The(More)
In this study we present a new measurement technique to investigate the timescales of back side ablation of conductive films, using Molybdenum as an application example from photovoltaics. With ultrashort laser pulses at fluences below 0.6 J/cm(2), we ablate the Mo film in the shape of a fully intact Mo 'disc' from a transparent substrate. By monitoring the(More)
We study coarse grained, continuum models for Langmuir monolayers by self consistent field theory and by Monte Carlo simulations. Amphiphilic molecules are represented by stiff chains of monomers with one end grafted to a planar surface. In particular, we discuss the origin of successive fluid-fluid transitions, the possible origin of tilt order and the(More)
The world’s largest sapphire boules up to 340-mm diameter are produced by the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM). In order to meet all applications, the highest purity crackle is used so the product has impurity levels very near the detectability limit of Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy (GDMS). The charge size of production 340-mm diameter sapphire boules was(More)
We study the effect of surface fields on the interfacial properties of a binary polymer melt confined between two parallel walls. Each wall attracts a different component of the blend by a non-retarded van der Waals potential. An interface which runs parallel to the surfaces is stabilized in the center of the film. Using extensive Monte Carlo simulations we(More)