Frederick S. Vizeacoumar

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We present a certain programming paradigm for implementing low-footprint applications on small embedded platforms and a tiny operating system based on that paradigm. The primary objective of our work was to create a friendly environment for rapid, reliable, and efficient deployment of customizable microcontroller applications primarily (but not necessarily)(More)
Improved efforts are necessary to define the functional product of cancer mutations currently being revealed through large-scale sequencing efforts. Using genome-scale pooled shRNA screening technology, we mapped negative genetic interactions across a set of isogenic cancer cell lines and confirmed hundreds of these interactions in orthogonal co-culture(More)
About one-fifth of the genes in the budding yeast are essential for haploid viability and cannot be functionally assessed using standard genetic approaches such as gene deletion. To facilitate genetic analysis of essential genes, we and others have assembled collections of yeast strains expressing temperature-sensitive (ts) alleles of essential genes. To(More)
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