Frederick S. Brackett

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1. Though the quantum yield remains constant for different samples of the same culture despite great changes in respiration due to dark adaptation, the quantum requirement for different cultures varies from 6.1 to 13.5 quanta per molecule of oxygen evolved (q/m). 2. This variation from one culture to another appears to depend upon chlorophyll concentration,(More)
1. The possibility of obtaining sustained and reproducible results in the analysis of dissolved oxygen with simple platinum electrodes by means of the application of a periodic potential pattern was explored over a wide range of frequencies and with a variety of wave forms. 2. Satisfactory results were obtained by the application in the frequency range of 5(More)
Many conflicting theories and statements appear in plant physiological literature regarding phototropism. Such conditions frequently exist in a young science where much of the earlier work is qualitative. In many of these early experiments dealing with the bending of plant stems toward light, the lights used were such that it was impossible to determine(More)
1. Respiration changes as a result of illumination. 2. In the absence of glucose or other supply of substrate, respiration decays in the dark showing at least two types-a fast decay in a few minutes and a slow decay lasting hours. 3. Respiratory response to illumination is delayed. 4. Intermittent illumination (in the absence of glucose, etc.) produces a(More)