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This article records basic topological, as well as homological properties of the space of homomorphisms Hom(π, G) where π is a finitely generated discrete group, and G is a Lie group, possibly non-compact. If π is a free abelian group of rank equal to n, then Hom(π, G) is the space of ordered n–tuples of commuting elements in G. If G = SU (2), a complete(More)
This article gives a natural decomposition of the suspension of generalized moment-angle complexes or partial product spaces which arise as polyhedral product functors described below. In the special case of the complements of certain subspace arrangements, the geometrical decomposition implies the homological decomposition in Goresky-MacPherson [20],(More)
Consider the space of 'long knots' in R n K n,1. This is the space of knots as studied by V. Vassiliev. Based on previous work [5, 12], it follows that the rational homology of K 3,1 is free Gerstenhaber-Poisson algebra. A partial description of a basis is given here. In addition, the mod-p homology of this space is a 'free, restricted Gerstenhaber-Poisson(More)
This article gives a natural decomposition of the suspension of a generalized moment-angle complex or partial product space which arises as the polyhedral product functor described below. The introduction and application of the smash product moment-angle complex provides a precise identification of the stable homotopy type of the values of the polyhedral(More)
The affinity of adenosine for the human adenosine A1 receptor expressed on Chinese hamster ovary cell membranes has been measured in the presence and absence of GTP. The competitive effect of endogenous adenosine on the binding properties of adenosine A1 receptors was estimated from differences in the binding of N6-cyclohexyladenosine measured in the(More)
This article gives an analysis of topological and homological properties for loop spaces of configuration spaces. The main topological results are given by certain choices of product decompositions of these spaces, as well as " twistings " between the factors. The main homological results are given in terms of extensions of the " infinitesimal braid(More)
and Magnus described generators for the kernel of the canonical epimorphism from the automorphism group of F n to the general linear group over the integers. In particular among them are the automorphisms χ k,i which conjugate the generator x k by the generator x i leaving the x j fixed for j = k. A computation of the cohomology ring as well as the Lie(More)
1. Experiments with adenosine deaminase suggest that adenosine is present in membrane preparations from CHO cells bearing adenosine A1 receptors. 2. Pretreatment of the membranes (ca 0.6 mg protein ml-1) with the permeabilizing agent saponin (100 micrograms ml-1) or addition of saponin (10 micrograms ml-1) to the membranes (0.02-0.08 mg protein ml-1) in the(More)