Frederick Park

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In Caenhorabtidis elegans embryos, the nuclei of sister cells that are born from anterior/posterior divisions show an invariant high/low asymmetry, respectively, in their level of the transcription factor POP-1. Previous studies have shown that POP-1 asymmetry between the daughters of an embryonic cell called EMS results in part from a Wnt-like signal(More)
C. elegans embryonic cells have a common anterior/posterior (a/p) polarity that is apparent in the localization of the transcription factor POP-1. The level of nuclear POP-1 remains high in the anterior daughters of dividing cells but is lowered in the posterior daughters. To generate POP-1 asymmetry, most early embryonic cells require contact with(More)
We analyze the role of the regularization parameter λ in the total variation (TV) denoising model. There are several contributions in this paper. (1) We realize that, beyond controlling the smoothness of the solution, λ exhibits another significant behavior — causality. This property allows us to solve the problem by incrementally increasing λ so that each(More)
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