Frederick M. Smith

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The National League for Nursing outcome-oriented accreditation process challenges nursing faculty to think about teaching and evaluating critical thinking. In a survey of schools of nursing, the authors found that programs are using standardized measures and individualized assessments to address the criterion. Their greatest difficulty involves decisions(More)
Recommended Citation Plamadjala, Natalija. "The role of devotion in jyotish astrological system. ii Jyotish is a lifelong study that embraces many other disciplines – philosophy, psychology, medicine, economics, astronomy, religious ritual and history, among others – and demands from its votaries an alchemical blend of logic and intuition, pragmatism and(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDMENTS I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Professor Morten Schlütter for his helpful comments and remarks from the very beginning of this thesis to its completion. This thesis would not have been possible without help and support of Professor Schlütter, who patiently provided vision, encouragement, and advice for me to(More)
Recommended Citation Yin, Meng. "The future cakravartin-maitreyan soteriology in early China. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express the deepest appreciation to my thesis supervisor, Professor Morten Schlütter, for his vast reserve of knowledge and generous offering of guidance. Without his persistent help this thesis would never have been completed.(More)
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