Frederick M. Haney

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The largest challenge facing software engineers today is to find ways to deliver large systems on schedule. Past experience obviously indicates that this is not a well-understood problem. The development costs and schedules for many large systems have exceeded the most conservative, contingency-laden estimates that anyone dared to make. Why has this(More)
ISDS (Instruction Set Design System), a program that designs instruction languages for computers, is the result of research aimed at gaining a better understanding of computer-assisted design and, in particular, automated design of computers. The primary goal of the research was to develop techniques for writing programs that solye design problems without(More)
Sometime in the future, the development of comple x application programs and large software systems wil l become a routine process . It will be possible to construct the most complex programs imaginable b y combining off the shelf subsystems in much the sam e way that houses are constructed today . Before soft ware development can become such a mechanica l(More)
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