Frederick Lanni

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The mammalian Golgi apparatus exists as stacks of cisternae that are laterally linked to form a continuous membrane ribbon, but neither the molecular requirements for, nor the purpose of, Golgi ribbon formation are known. Here, we demonstrate that ribbon formation is mediated by specific membrane-fusion events that occur during Golgi assembly, and require(More)
Two fundamental parameters of the highly dynamic, ultrathin lamellipodia of migrating fibroblasts have been determined-its thickness in living cells (176 +/- 14 nm), by standing-wave fluorescence microscopy, and its F-actin density (1580 +/- 613 microm of F-actin/microm(3)), via image-based photometry. In combination with data from previous studies, we have(More)
Using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, we have studied the diffusion of fluorescein-labeled, size-fractionated Ficoll in the cytoplasmic space of living Swiss 3T3 cells as a probe of the physical chemical properties of cytoplasm. The results reported here corroborate and extend the results of earlier experiments with fluorescein-labeled,(More)
The use of fluorescence microscopy for investigating the three-dimensional structure of cells and tissue is of growing importance in cell biology, biophysics and biomedicine. Three-dimensional data are obtained by recording a series of images of the specimen as it is stepped through the focal plane of the microscope. Whether by direct imaging or by confocal(More)
We have used size-fractionated, fluorescent dextrans to probe the structure of the cytoplasmic ground substance of living Swiss 3T3 cells by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching and video image processing. The data indicate that the cytoplasm of living cells has a fluid phase viscosity four times greater than water and contains structural barriers(More)
We have prepared and partially characterized a lissamine-rhodamine B fluorescent analogue of calmodulin, LRB-CM. The analogue had a dye/protein ratio of approximately 1.0 and contained no free dye or contaminating labeled proteins. LRB-CM was indistinguishable from native calmodulin upon SDS PAGE and in assays of phosphodiesterase and myosin light chain(More)
We have combined fluorescent analogue cytochemistry with fluorescence photobleaching recovery to measure the mobility of fluorescently labeled actin and other labeled test proteins microinjected into living amoebae. Bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin, and ribonuclease A have a cytoplasmic mobility, expressed as a diffusion coefficient, that is 1/2 to 1/3 of(More)
A laser-trap microrheometry technique was used to determine the local shear moduli of Type I collagen gels. Embedded 2.1 microm polystyrene latex particles were displaced 10-100 nm using a near-infrared laser trap with a trap constant of 0.0001 N/m. The trap was oscillated transversely +/- 200 nm using a refractive glass plate mounted on a galvanometric(More)
We describe a simple method for loading exogenous macromolecules into the cytoplasm of mammalian cells adherent to tissue culture dishes. Culture medium was replaced with a thin layer of fluorescently labeled macromolecules, the cells were harvested from the substrate by scraping with a rubber policeman, transferred immediately to ice cold media, washed,(More)