Frederick L . Glavin

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Majocchi's granuloma (MG) is an atypical and uncommon presentation of dermatophytic infection involving the invasion of dermal and subcutaneous tissue by fungal organisms. It usually begins as a suppurative folliculitis and may culminate in the development of widespread granulomas. Immunosuppressed patients are at increased risk, especially those with(More)
Fourteen fatal cases from the 1977 Vermont outbreak of Legionnaires' disease have been analyzed. Serious underlying diseases were present in all patients. The only consistent lesions were in the lungs. Bronchopneumonia was present in all cases and was confluent in most. No lobe of the lung was preferentially involved and consolidation was usually bilateral.(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a rare disease in the pediatric population that usually presents in children with predisposing genetic conditions. It is often diagnosed on final pathology of an excisional biopsy, and the treatment may be delayed in younger populations because of a physician's low index of suspicion. Increased knowledge of BCC by pediatric(More)
Open lung biopsies from three patients with Legionnaires' disease were examined by light and transmission electron microscopy. The patients had serious underlying disease. All developed a rapidly progressive pneumonia unresponsive to penicillin, oxacillin, and gentamicin. One patient, who received erythromycin, survived. Light microscopy in all three showed(More)
An unusual case of malignant cylindroma of the scalp arising in a 79-year-old white female with multiple cylindromatosis is presented. The tumor apparently arose from a cylindroma and had features of spiradenoma. Multiple cylindromatosis is an uncommon hereditary autosomal dominant disease, which is characterized by multiple skin adnexal tumors like(More)
We used the whole lung section technique to review the macroscopic pathology in 12 patients who died with Legionnaires' disease. None of these patients had been treated with erythromycin. Consolidation was evenly distributed throughout all lobes without a consistent segmental distribution. The smallest lesions were around bronchioles or bounded by lobular(More)
Histiocytoses are a heterogeneous group of disorders which are difficult to categorize because of overlapping clinical and microscopic features, and incompletely understood mechanisms of cellular origin and triggers of proliferation. Progressive nodular histiocytosis (PNH) is a rare non-Langerhans cell histiocytic (NLH) disorder. We present the case of a(More)