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In this study we investigate the re-introduction of referents in the Frog stories told by Italian children aged 4-10 (N = 100). We found that for every age group full nouns are the most frequent forms used for reference re-introduction. Null forms, such as clitic pronouns or person/number inflection on the verb, are the second most frequent forms. A(More)
The Atlantic shark fishery is considered to be overcapitalized. One approach to capacity management is the purchase and permanent retirement of fishing vessels, fishing permits, or both under voluntary buyback programs. Representatives of the commercial shark fishery have proposed such an approach to manage the overcapacity in their fishery in the Gulf of(More)
Theoretically, weather-index insurance is an effective risk reduction option for small-scale farmers in low income countries. Renewed policy and donor emphasis on bridging gender gaps in development also emphasizes the potential social safety net benefits that weather-index insurance could bring to women farmers who are disproportionately vulnerable to(More)
This paper considers the descriptive capacity of Italian census data on spatial mobility. A systematic comparison is carried out between the Italian census and traditional sources--particularly the population register. The discussion concerns the items collected and published as well as the measurements obtained, their meaning, and their comparability. (More)
The worsening of the social-environmental conditions during the period of transition of Albania and an epidemic of cholera (1994) were the cue for the execution of the study. The main objective is the description of knowledge and attitudes of the Albanian mothers about the risk factors for the gastroenteritis. This is a descriptive study of a representative(More)
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