Frederick J Humphrey

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Sixty-nine children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) underwent blind methylphenidate trials. 36 had ADHD alone (with or without a learning disability) and 33 had additional neurodevelopmental disorders. Of the children with ADHD alone, 88 per cent improved significantly on methylphenidate. This did not differ significantly from the 69(More)
The authors examine the role of psychiatrists in community mental health centers and suggest that extensive psychiatric involvement is needed to ensure proper patient care. Within the context of four basic clinical models--social, psychological, behavioral, and biomedical--they describe the psychiatrist's unique clinical skills in history taking,(More)
Fifty adults with either a present or past complaint of somnambulism were evaluated to determine the development and clinical course of their disorder as well as their personality patterns. Generally, when sleepwalking was outgrown, its onset was before age 10 years and its termination before age 15 years. Current sleepwalkers, compared with past(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to reduce the incidents of restraints by applying a nontraditional consultation process in which a university-based team focused on patient consultations to collect data on treatment interventions and milieu approaches and conditions, as well as staff interactions. CONCLUSIONS The efforts resulted in restraint reduction from 36(More)
The relationships between frequency of rumination in a boy with profound mental retardation and a variety of environmental, interpersonal, and temporal variables were investigated by collecting and analyzing data during all waking hours over a 4-week period. Low levels of rumination were associated with periods of special education programming (versus(More)
Behavioral checklists were employed to identify the type and degree of psychopathology observed in 90 boys who were referred for possible placement in classrooms for the socially and emotionally disturbed (SED). School behavior was assessed by teachers completing the Conners Teacher Rating Scale, while behavior at home was rated by parents with the Child(More)
The authors surveyed 200 physicians completing their psychiatric residencies on the importance and achievement of 124 core training objectives. One hundred thirty (65%) of the residents and all 23 of the training directors of the programs selected responded. As a group, residents viewed a substantial number of the objectives as less important, and less well(More)