Frederick J. Gentner

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To model the imbibition of liquids into porous solids, use is often made of the Lucas-Washburn equation, which relates the distance of penetration of a liquid at a given time to the pore radius, the viscosity and surface tension of the liquid, and the effective contact angle between the liquid and the solid. In this paper, we extend previous large-scale(More)
Microeconomics refers to the economics of decision-making units, such as an individual consumer, a household, or a firm. In this paper we are concerned with microeconomic simulation models. Such models have been used for the purpose of analyzing the impact of various policies, such as tax and welfare reform, upon the distribution of income of households.(More)
Simulations of a droplet impacting a flat solid surface with a small initial speed have been studied using molecular dynamics. Approximating the shape of the drop by a spheroid, spreading radii, and dynamic contact angles are measured. The data reproduce well experimental results from literature. We show that the difference between the equilibrium and the(More)
We have determined the crystal structure of manganese(II) diacetate tetrahydrate at 300 and 14 K by single-crystal neutron diffraction. Proton density distributions for each of the three crystallographically distinct methyl groups have been calculated by Fourier difference. At room temperature the observed densities are those of quasi-free rotors. At low(More)
This work describes the design, development, and characterization of an ionization chamber to detect and locate gamma ray sources with intensities down to 100 mu Gy h(-1). The results show that sources of x ray and gamma radiation in the energy range of 14 to 1,250 keV can be located. The directional sensitivity of this type of monitor is dependent on(More)
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