Frederick J. Friend

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  • James Nye, David Magier, Phyllis Mirsky, R Bruce Miller, Karl Lo, Frederick J Friend +20 others
  • 2000
Urge your library to subscribe today! With your library's print subscription, the electronic edition of the journal can be made available campus-wide to all of the library's user! Cooperation among North American libraries has a checkered past. Every clear-cut success, for example the National Union Catalog or the Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO),(More)
J STOR is successful for reasons its founders did not intend. Bill Bowen's inspired vision was of a solution to libraries' ever-voracious demands for space to house paper volumes. The idea was that libraries could save space by removing volumes available in electronic format. Few libraries have discarded the volumes digitised in JSTOR, but many libraries(More)
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