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We tested a health education intervention program to reduce passive smoking in infancy. The aim was to develop an instrument for study of tobacco smoke exposure and childhood respiratory illness. One hundred and eighty-four women who had smoked during pregnancy were allocated by month of delivery to an intervention group, to a minimal contact group, or to a(More)
Utilization of physician services by initial subscribers to a Canadian consumer-sponsored medical care plan was examined for the period 1965-1979. After stratification by sex and age, 1,046 individuals aged 18-44 years were sampled and their records abstracted to yield the annual number of in-plan physician visits. The most frequently attending 10% of(More)
  • transformante” em bactérias, Caroline Belotto Batisteti, Elaine Sandra Nabuco de Araújo, João José Caluzi, Frederick Griffith
  • 2010
As interpretações dos estudos de Avery, MacLeod e Maccarty sobre a natureza química do " fator transformante " em bactérias The interpretations of MacCarty, MacLoed and Avery's studies on the chemical nature of the " transforming factor " in bacteria * Mestranda do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação para a Ciência, Uni-versidade Estadual Paulista –(More)