Frederick Gallegos

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This paper discussed an IT audit that involves examining all IT business processes and data that integrate with an organization's financial systems. The examination reviews controls and compliance with policies. An IT audit might also require a review of the organization's use of IT in supporting business from efficiency, effectiveness, and economic points(More)
PA YOFF IDEA. Although microcomputer hardware, software, and communications have improved auditing techniques in many organizations, there is still much to be learned about this new technology. With the proper planning, implementation, and training, microcomputers can be adapted to most environments to improve audit productivity and quality. This article(More)
Theft. Micros represent a large investment in small, often portable. packages that are easy to steal. Modular design adds further nsks; for example. a half-height dlsk drive module can be hidden in a bnefcase. Many micros have removable circuit cards and memory clips that could disappear just as easily. Employees may steal micro components because they have(More)
Local area networks (LANs) have become commonplace in most medium and large companies. Now, wide area networks (WANs) have become the next communications frontier. However, WANs are much more complicated than LANs. In most WAN environments, the more devices an individual has to manage, the more time-consuming is the process of monitoring those devices.(More)
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