Frederick C. Wong

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We present a study of the architectural requirements and scalability of the NAS Parallel Benchmarks. Through direct measurements and simulations, we identify the factors which affect the scalability of benchmark codes on two relevant and distinct platforms; a cluster of workstations and a ccNUMA SGI Origin 2000. We find that the benefit of increased global(More)
With the growing importance of fast system area networks in the parallel community, it is becoming common for message passing programs to run in multi-programming environments. Competing sequential and parallel jobs can distort the global coordination of communicating processes. In this paper, we describe our implementation of MPI using implicit information(More)
With the rise of clusters as a vehicle for very-high-performance computing, an increasing emphasis is being placed upon the communication interface between each processor and the underlying network. And while many studies have explored the design of both traditional send/receive network interfaces and shared-memory designs, a third alternative — reflective(More)
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