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Recent studies have reported that independent adaptive radiations can lead to identical ecomorphs. Our phylogenetic analyses of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences here indicate that a major radiation of ranid frogs on Madagascar produced morphological, physiological, and developmental characters that are remarkably similar to those that independently(More)
Emerging infectious diseases are reducing biodiversity on a global scale. Recently, the emergence of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans resulted in rapid declines in populations of European fire salamanders. Here we screened over 5,000 amphibians from across four continents, and combined experimental assessment of pathogenicity with(More)
Sixty-five million years ago, massive volcanism produced on the India-Seychelles landmass the largest continental lava deposit (Deccan Traps) of the past 200 million years. Using a molecular clock-independent approach for inferring dating information from molecular phylogenies, we show that multiple lineages of frogs survived Deccan Traps volcanism after(More)
Dramatic population declines have affected frogs worldwide (1), and, although new species continue to be described (2), the discovery of large new species radiations is rare. Here, we report the discovery of an endemic radiation of 100 species of Old World tree frogs (Rhacophorinae) from Sri Lanka, an island from which only 18 rhacophorine species were(More)
The Musical Synchrotron is a software interface that connects wireless motion sensors to a real-time interactive environment (Pure Data, Max/MSP). In addition to the measurement of movement, the system provides audio playback and visual feedback. The Musical Synchrotron outputs a score with the degree in which synchronization with the presented music is(More)
Keywords: SMI Stretchable interconnect High conductivity Meandered interconnect FEM Weibull analysis a b s t r a c t This work investigates the impact of geometry on the reliability of a high conductivity, meandered, stretchable interconnect. Meandered copper conductor interconnects of varying geometries that have been encapsulated into a PDMS matrix, are(More)
This paper describes the HOP system. It consists of a wireless module built up by multiple nodes and a base station. The nodes detect acceleration of e.g. human movement. At a rate of 100 Hertz the base station collects the acceleration samples. The data can be acquired in real-time software like Pure Data and Max/MSP. The data can be used to analyze and/or(More)