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Recent studies have reported that independent adaptive radiations can lead to identical ecomorphs. Our phylogenetic analyses of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences here indicate that a major radiation of ranid frogs on Madagascar produced morphological, physiological, and developmental characters that are remarkably similar to those that independently(More)
Sixty-five million years ago, massive volcanism produced on the India-Seychelles landmass the largest continental lava deposit (Deccan Traps) of the past 200 million years. Using a molecular clock-independent approach for inferring dating information from molecular phylogenies, we show that multiple lineages of frogs survived Deccan Traps volcanism after(More)
The Musical Synchrotron is a software interface that connects wireless motion sensors to a real-time interactive environment (Pure Data, Max/MSP). In addition to the measurement of movement, the system provides audio playback and visual feedback. The Musical Synchrotron outputs a score with the degree in which synchronization with the presented music is(More)
Keywords: SMI Stretchable interconnect High conductivity Meandered interconnect FEM Weibull analysis a b s t r a c t This work investigates the impact of geometry on the reliability of a high conductivity, meandered, stretchable interconnect. Meandered copper conductor interconnects of varying geometries that have been encapsulated into a PDMS matrix, are(More)
This paper describes the HOP system. It consists of a wireless module built up by multiple nodes and a base station. The nodes detect acceleration of e.g. human movement. At a rate of 100 Hertz the base station collects the acceleration samples. The data can be acquired in real-time software like Pure Data and Max/MSP. The data can be used to analyze and/or(More)
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