Frederick A. Johnson

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Hemophilia B is an X-linked coagulopathy caused by absence of functional coagulation factor IX (F.IX). Previously, we established an experimental basis for gene transfer as a method of treating the disease in mice and hemophilic dogs through intramuscular injection of a recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vector expressing F.IX. In this study we(More)
Papain was succinylated in order to increase its solubility above pH 8 so that proton NMR spectroscopy could be used to study the ionization of His-159 at the active site of the enzyme. The pH dependence of NMR spectra of catalytically active succinyl-papain and the methylthio derivative of the active-site cysteinyl residue of succinyl-papain(More)
Fluorometric titrations of papain, succinyl-papain, and the corresponding methylthio derivatives of Cys-25 (papain-S-SCH3 and succinyl-papain-S-SCH3) were determined. Removal of the methylthio group from Cys-25 resulted in an increase of approximately 4 pK units in the fluorometrically determined pK value. The correspondence between the ionization behavior(More)
A semantics is presented for Storrs McCalΓs separate axiomatizations of Aristotle's accepted and rejected polysyllogisms. The polysyllogisms under discussion are made up of either assertoric or apodeictic propositions. The semantics is given by associating a property with a pair of sets: one set consists of things having the property essentially and the(More)
Sodium alginates are widely used within the pharmaceutical sciences, yet the molecular characteristics of these materials are frequently not stated. In this study, a range of characterization techniques is applied to five sodium alginate samples and the data compared, both between techniques and with the information obtained from the manufacturer. The(More)
The ionization behavior of groups at the active site of papain was determined from the pH dependence of the difference of proton content of papain and the methylthio derivative of the thiol group at the active site of papain (papain-S-SCH3). This difference in proton content was determined directly by two independent methods. One method involved(More)
A theorem due to Shoesmith and Smiley that axiomatizes twovalued multiple-conclusion logics is extended to partial logics. Rumfitt [1] extends Smiley’s [3] discussion of rejection by axiomatizing a calculus where truth values of sentences are given by truth tables that admit truth-value gaps. “The Smiley multiple-conclusion consequence relation” for the(More)
Proton NMR spectroscopy was used to study the ionization behavior of His-159 in a derivative of papain (papain-S-SCH3). In this catalytically inactive derivative of papain, the active-site thiol group of Cys-25 is S-methyl-thiolated so that it cannot form a thiolate anion. The pH dependence of the chemical shift of the C epsilon 1 H resonance of His-159(More)