Frederick A. Johnson

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Hemophilia B is an X-linked coagulopathy caused by absence of functional coagulation factor IX (F.IX). Previously, we established an experimental basis for gene transfer as a method of treating the disease in mice and hemophilic dogs through intramuscular injection of a recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vector expressing F.IX. In this study we(More)
Gonadally-intact or castrated and testosterone-(T) treated male mice display aggressive behavior towards olfactory-bulbectomized male (OBM) stimuli, but not towards lactating female (LF) stimuli. By comparison, T-treated female mice display aggressive behavior towards both OBM and LF stimuli. The purpose of the present experiment was to determine if male(More)
Ovariectomized adult female CFW mice were given a series of tests for fighting behavior against olfactory bulbectomized male and lactating female mice prior to (for 2 weeks), and during (for 4 weeks) chronic treatment with testosterone propionate. While ovariectomized, 40% attacked the lactating female and 13.3% attacked the olfactory bulbectomized male.(More)
Male CFW mice were tested for fighting behavior directed against olfactory bulbectomized male mice and against lactating female mice. Some males were tested with each stimulus type before and after castration. Some males were tested first following castration and then after testosterone treatment. All gonadally intact males attacked bulbectomized males and(More)
Affective, somatic, and collateral experiences of alexithymic and nonalexithymic patients to their chronic bronchitis/emphysema was analyzed in reference to 11 symptom categories of the Bronchitis/Emphysema Symptom Checklist. Unlike alexithymic asthmatics who tend to minimize their self-reports of physical and emotional difficulties during acute illness(More)