Frederic Vroman

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Job Management Systems (JMSs) efficiently schedule and monitor jobs in parallel and distributed computing environments. Therefore, they are critical for improving the utilization of expensive resources in high-performance computing systems and centers, and an important component of grid software infrastructure. With many JMSs available commercially and in(More)
One important component of grid software infrastructure and parallel systems management is the Job Management System (JMS). With many JMSs available commercially and in public domain, it is difficult to choose the most efficient JMS for a given computing environment. All previous comparisons of JMSs had only a conceptual character. In this paper, we present(More)
Reconfigurable hardware resources are very expensive, and yet can be underutilized. This paper describes a middleware capable of discovering underutilized computing nodes with FPGA-based accelerator boards in a networked environment. Using an extended Job management system (JMS), this middleware permits sharing reconfigurable resources at least among the(More)
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