Frederic Vannieuwenborg

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BACKGROUND Preventing excessive alcohol use among adolescents is important not only to foster individual and public health, but also to reduce alcohol-related costs inside and outside the health care sector. Computer tailoring can be both effective and cost-effective for working with many lifestyle behaviors, yet the available information on the(More)
BACKGROUND With a growing population of health care clients in the future, the organization of high-quality and cost-effective service providing becomes an increasing challenge. New online eHealth services are proposed as innovative options for the future. Yet, a major barrier to these services appears to be the lack of new business model designs. Although(More)
—Current nurse call systems hinder the efficiency of nurses as the systems are not aware of the type of requested help and the context in which their help is required. To tackle these issues, we have developed an ontology-based nurse call system that automatically takes the patients' and caregivers' profiles and context into account when assigning calls to(More)
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