Frederic Vannieuwenborg

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The healthcare sector is an incredibly complex system with many public and private actors and a wide diversity of services. Because of the aging society and the growing evolution of health expenditures, pressure on available resources (time, people, budget, etc.) is increasing. Innovative ICT supported eCare and eCure services are expected to increase(More)
Attracted by impressive cash flows and success stories, mobile application developers are trying to penetrate the mobile application market more than ever. Despite this increasing interest, the market configuration is certainly not always clear, let alone how to formulate an optimal business and revenue model from a developer's or provider's viewpoint.(More)
The increasing elderly population and the shift from acute to chronic illness makes it difficult to care for people in hospitals and rest homes. Moreover, elderly people, if given a choice, want to stay at home as long as possible. In this article, the methodologies to develop a cloud-based semantic system, offering valuable information and knowledge-based(More)
Due to changes in the demographic situation of most Western European countries, interest in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)-supported care services is growing fast. eCare services that foster better care information exchange, social involvement, lifestyle monitoring services, etc., offered via ICT platforms, integrated in the homes of the(More)
BACKGROUND In response to the increasing pressure of the societal challenge because of a graying society, a gulf of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supported care services (eCare) can now be noticed. Their common goal is to increase the quality of care while decreasing its costs. Smart Care Platforms (SCPs), installed in the homes of(More)
Current nurse call systems hinder the efficiency of nurses as the systems are not aware of the type of requested help and the context in which their help is required. To tackle these issues, we have developed an ontology-based nurse call system that automatically takes the patients' and caregivers' profiles and context into account when assigning calls to(More)
eHealth, mHealth and eCare services are growing in numbers at a fast pace. This is mainly driven by technology and the societal challenges of an aging and more chronically burdened population while pressure on both human and financial resources increases. Though the adoption of these digital health services is challenging and experience difficulties. This(More)
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