Frederic Touchard

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The ATLAS High Level Trigger's (HLT) primary function of event selection will be accomplished with a Level-2 trigger farm and an event filter (EF) farm, both running software components developed in the ATLAS offline reconstruction framework. While this approach provides a unified software framework for event selection, it poses strict requirements on(More)
We test the Principle of Equivalence for particles and antiparticles, using CPLEAR data on tagged K 0 and K 0 decays into π + π −. For the first time, we search for possible annual, monthly and diurnal modulations of the observ-ables |η +− | and φ +− , that could be correlated with variations in astrophysical potentials. Within the accuracy of CPLEAR, the(More)
Novel bioadhesive controlled release tablets were prepared from poly (acrylic acid) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Their bioadhesive behavior was studied in a modified tensile tester in contact with bovine sublingual mucus, and the force-elongation behavior was measured up to the breakpoint. The work of adhesion was calculated and related to bioadhesive(More)
ATLAS is one of the four major Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments that will start data taking in 2007. It is designed to cover a wide range of physics topics. The ATLAS trigger system has to be able to reduce an initial 40 MHz event rate, corresponding to an average of 23 proton-proton inelastic interactions per every 25 ns bunch crossing, to 200 Hz(More)
Abstract This paper provides results from the characterization of cyclic fatigue behavior of a woven hemp/epoxy composite, constituted by seven layers of hemp fabric and an epoxy matrix. Two types of fabric orientation are tested: [0°/90°]7 and [±45°]7. The cyclic fatigue tests are performed with a frequency of 1 Hz, a stress ratio of 1% (R=0.01) and with(More)
The ground state hyperfine structures of 76,77,82,84mRb, 140Cs and 226Fr have been accurately measured by an atomic beam magnetic resonance method associated with laser optical pumping. In comparison with the purely optical methods a gain in accuracy of three orders of magnitude is achieved. Spectra obtained for the least abundant isotope (76Rb) give a good(More)
-The Event Filter selection stage is a fundamental component of the ATLAS Trigger and Data Acquisition architecture. Its primary function is the reduction of data flow and rate to values acceptable by the mass storage operations and by the subsequent off-line data reconstruction and analysis steps. The computing instrument of the EF is organized as a set of(More)
2014 The energies and absolute intensities of the 03B3-rays from the 03B2-decay of 11Li are measured. There is no sizable 03B2 branch to the 11Be ground state. Only (5.2 ± 1.4) % of the 03B2-decay strength does not lead to 03B2-delayed particle emission. New 03B2-delayed neutron branches to excited states of 10Be are observed and the total delayed neutron(More)