Frederic Richard

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Showers produced by positive hadrons in the highly granular CALICE scintillator-steel analogue hadron calorimeter were studied. The experimental data were collected at CERN and FNAL for single particles with initial momenta from 10 to 80 GeV/c. The calorimeter response and resolution and spatial characteristics of shower development for proton-and(More)
The spatial development of hadronic showers in the CALICE scintillator-steel analogue hadron calorimeter is studied using test beam data collected at CERN and FNAL for single positive pions and protons with initial momenta in the range of 10–80 GeV/c. Both longitudinal and radial development of hadron showers are parametrised with two-component functions.(More)
Gyrification index (GI) is an appropriate measure to quantify the complexity of the cerebral cortex. There is, however, no universal agreement on the notion of surface complexity and there are various methods in literature that evaluate different aspects of cortical folding. In this paper, we give two intuitive interpretations on folding quantification(More)
  • James Richard Srinivasan, Simon Frankau, Simon Moore, Graham Titmus, Martyn Johnson, Piete Brooks +12 others
  • 2002
To demonstrate the potential for accelerating ray tracing by the use of custom hardware. By exploiting the inherent parallelism of ray tracing in custom hardware , impressive performance benefits may be obtained. Fully synthesisable Verilog was written to accelerate the calculation of ray-sphere intersections. This was demonstrated running on a large FPGA 1(More)
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