Frederic Picou

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Axonal regeneration in the peripheral nervous system is greatly supported by Schwann cells (SCs). After nerve injury, SCs dedifferentiate to a progenitor-like state and efficiently guide axons to their original target tissues. Contact and soluble factors participate in the crosstalk between SCs and axons during axonal regeneration. Here we show that(More)
Information exchange executed by extracellular vesicles, including exosomes, is a newly described form of intercellular communication important in the development and physiology of neural systems. These vesicles can be released from cells, are packed with information including signaling proteins and both coding and regulatory RNAs, and can be taken up by(More)
Thyroid hormone (T₃) exerts an important influence on neurodevelopment, which can be analysed by using the postnatal development of rodent cerebellum as a model. T₃ acts on all types of neuronal and glial cells, which express at least the TRα1 nuclear receptor, and, for some of them, the TRβ1 isoform. However, as T₃ also activates the secretion of(More)
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