Frederic Pérez

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Rendering participating media is important for a number of domains, ranging from commercial applications (entertainment, virtual reality) to simulation systems (driving, flying and space simulators) and safety analyses (driving conditions , sign visibility). This article surveys global illumination algorithms for environments including participating media.(More)
Aiming at rendering high quality images robustly for general environments with simple algorithms, we use a two-pass method that accounts for the global illumination. In this paper we present the integration of a new gathering procedure in the rendering pass, that uses the approximate results obtained by a particle tracing method, an extension of the(More)
Balint's syndrome is characterized by faulty visual scanning, dysmetria secondary to a visual perceptual deficit, and an inability to recognize more than one object at a time. We report three cases of Balint's syndrome and the individualized rehabilitation they received. One patient developed symptoms of Balint's syndrome caused by bilateral(More)
This paper surveys global illumination algorithms for environments including participating media and accounting for multiple scattering. The objective of this survey is the characterization of those methods: Identification of their base techniques, their assumptions, limitations and range of utilization. To this end, the algorithms are grouped into(More)
This paper describes a two pass algorithm capable of computing solutions to the global illumination in general environments (diffuse or glossy surfaces, anisotropically scattering participating media) faster than previous methods , by combining the strengths of finite element and Monte Carlo methods. A quick coarse solution is first computed with a(More)