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Specimens of Syllidae (Polychaeta) were collected from a coarse sediment habitat in the intertidal zone of the Chausey Archipelago (English Channel, France). Twenty-one species of Syllidae were identified in this zone, including two new species, which are described herein. Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensis, n. sp. is characterized by a distinct digitiform(More)
Since 2007, the ArcticNet and CHOne programmes have allowed researchers, through oceanographic surveys on the ‘NGCC Amundsen’, to collect yearly benthic samples in the Canadian High Arctic. From the Beaufort Sea to the Bay of Baffin, more than 262 samples have been collected and analysed to provide essential data to explain patterns of biodiversity in the(More)
Like the majority of benthic invertebrates, the blue mussel Mytilus edulis has a bentho-pelagic cycle with its larval settlement being a complex phenomenon involving numerous factors. Among these factors, underwater noise and pelagic trophic conditions have been weakly studied in previous researches. Under laboratory conditions, we tested the hypothesis(More)
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