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UNLABELLED PET/MRI is an emerging dual-modality imaging technology that requires new approaches to PET attenuation correction (AC). We assessed 2 algorithms for whole-body MRI-based AC (MRAC): a basic MR image segmentation algorithm and a method based on atlas registration and pattern recognition (AT&PR). METHODS Eleven patients each underwent a(More)
Recent progress has allowed hybrid positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance (PET/MR) systems to make the transition from research prototypes to systems with full potential for clinical imaging. Options for directly measuring the attenuation maps, as is possible with PET/computed tomography or PET transmission scans, are not included in PET/MR(More)
Predicting a CT image or a map of the linear attenuation coefficients from the information provided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a challenging task. This problem is of significant importance for combined positron emission tomography (PET)/MRI scanners, as quantitative PET image reconstruction requires an attenuation map. In PET/CT this attenuation(More)
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