Frederic Liébault

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Steep mountain catchments typically experience large sediment pulses from hillslopes which are stored in headwater channels and remobilized by debris-flows or bed-load transport. Event-based sediment budget monitoring in the active Manival debris-flow torrent in the French Alps during a two-year period gave insights into the catchment-scale sediment routing(More)
Efforts to address erosion and land degradation in steeplands of many countries have largely relied on revegetation. The policy responses to this issue are many and varied as have been their successes. Revegetation efforts tend to occur when it is realised that deforestation, mountain land erosion, and flooding of rivers are linked. Using the Southern(More)
Hydrogeomorphic processes are a major threat in many parts of the Alps, where they periodically damage infrastructure, disrupt transportation corridors or even cause loss of life. Nonetheless, past torrential activity and the analysis of areas affected during particular events remain often imprecise. It was therefore the purpose of this study to reconstruct(More)
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