Frederic Gianesello

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Nowadays capabilities offered by advanced silicon technologies enable both mmw design and agile circuits development, then the development of high performance tunable capacitance is now mandatory. One of the challenge to develop this component is to be able to design capacitance with a tuning range higher than 4 from RF up to millimeter wave range. Variable(More)
Today, SiGe HBT and MOSFET cut-off frequencies are higher than 230 GHz (Chevalier et al., 2004) and this increase allows new millimeter wave (MMW) applications on silicon such as 60 GHz WLAN and 77 GHz automotive radar. This study focuses on a wireless communication block with the antenna integration. Functions such as amplifier and filter have been used to(More)
Today, measurement of 65 nm CMOS and 130 nm-based SiGe HBTs technologies demonstrate both Ftau (current gain cut-off frequency) and Fmax (maximum oscillation frequency) higher than 200 GHz, which are clearly comparable to advanced commercially available 100 nm III-V HEMT. Consequently, the integration of full transceiver at 60 GHz has been achieved both in(More)
This paper presents the status of most advanced CMOS and BiCMOS technologies able to address very high-speed optical communications and millimeter-wave applications. The performance of active and passive devices available on bulk Si and high-resistivity SOI is reviewed and HF characteristics of state-of-the-art SiGe HBTs and MOSFETs are compared. The(More)
This paper presents the potentialities of deep submicron CMOS technologies for millimeter-wave applications. The target applications are firstly overviewed. Then, the nanometer bulk and SOI CMOS technology offer is presented, presenting integration solutions that take benefit of the intrinsic performances of the active device while minimizing the loss(More)
CMOS is today a good candidate for an optimum single chip implementation of both the analog and digital blocks in wireless mobile transceivers. Concerning analog RF blocks, SOI CMOS offer advantages over CMOS bulk, such as reduced source/drain-substrate capacitance and elimination of body effect which are suited for low voltage supply. Furthermore, SOI(More)
This paper aims to make a full evaluation of inductor performances integrated in multi layer FO-WLP technology. Technology interest for radio frequency passives is first discussed. The inductor offer, composed of four different inductor families, is described including more than 200 different inductors that were fabricated. Measurements exhibit promising(More)
During past years, various research team have been implied in the development of 60GHz chipset solution, using both BiCMOS or advanced CMOS technologies. But for the 60GHz market to flourish, not only low cost RFICs are required, low cost antennas and packages also are. In order to address these issues, we review in this paper achievable antenna performance(More)