Frederic Didot

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Despite the progress since the first attempts of mankind to explore space, it appears that sending man in space remains challenging. While robotic systems are not yet ready to replace human presence, they provide an excellent support for astronauts during maintenance and hazardous tasks. This paper presents the development of a space qualified(More)
This paper describes the assessment of the most relevant astronaut assistant activities on the surfaces of the Moon and Mars and, furthermore, the robotic technology development requirements to implement these activities with a centaur-like outdoor service robot, called the WorkPartner. The activity assessment is done by extracting five common mission(More)
Many research activities are being carried out about space exploration missions, in order to strongly improve man’s working conditions in planetary environments. Along this line, this work presents some results obtained within the development of an effective robotic crew assistant. This robot can execute a number of operations, both in a completely(More)
For ISS application and for exploration, the European Space Agency studies, for ISS application and beyond, a robot that would provide EVA assistant capabilities. This robot, named Eurobot, is of a humanoid like structure with two arms and one leg mounted on a central torso and a head with stereo vision capabilities for scene overview. While developing the(More)
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