Frederic Clerc

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The expansion of the WWW and the growth of data sources lead to the proliferation of heterogeneous data (texts, images, videos, sounds and relational views). We call these data " complex data ". In order to explore them, we need to carry out their integration into a unified format. Collecting, structuring and storing constitute the different tasks of(More)
Combinatorial optimization is a well known technique to solve problems in various fields such as jet engine design, factory and project scheduling or image recognition. Evolutionary computation and particularly genetic algorithms are commonly used to solve problems defined by complex and high dimensional mathematical expressions. Nevertheless, in some(More)
This study was aimed at quantifying the impact of sampling duration and the number of measurements taken on the quality of assessing occupational exposure to toluene. To this end, a measurement database was built, based on four campaigns carried out in an industrial printing facility. Five homogeneous exposure groups (HEGs) were set up and between 120 and(More)
We report on angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) experiments on Cu(110) using Mg K(alpha) radiation. The secondary emission (SE) fine structure of electrons below 50 eV is found to map the empty band structure relevant for absolute band mapping in ARPES. The finding is based on a direct comparison of our experiments with very low-energy electron(More)
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