Frederic Clerc

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This work presents two liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) acquisition modes: multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and neutral loss scan (NL), for the analysis of 28 compounds in a mixture. This mixture includes 21 compounds related to the metabolism of three amino acids: tyrosine, tryptophan and glutamic acid, two pterins and five(More)
The expansion of the WWW and the growth of data sources lead to the proliferation of heterogeneous data (texts, images, videos, sounds and relational views). We call these data " complex data ". In order to explore them, we need to carry out their integration into a unified format. Collecting, structuring and storing constitute the different tasks of(More)
The Selox is a catalytic benchmark for the selective CO oxidation reaction in the presence of H(2), in the form of mathematical equations obtained via modelling of experimental results. The optimisation efficiencies of several Global Optimisation algorithms were studied using the Selox benchmark. Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Strategies, Simulated(More)
We discuss thoroughly aspects and issues for the development of a bespoke, but generic, electronic infrastructure designed to cope with the dynamic in high-throughput experimentation and knowledge management, is applicable to large or contract research organizations. We present the first generation of an informatics platform developed for TOPCOMBI, a(More)
Combinatorial optimization is a well known technique to solve problems in various fields such as jet engine design, factory and project scheduling or image recognition. Evolutionary computation and particularly genetic algorithms are commonly used to solve problems defined by complex and high dimensional mathematical expressions. Nevertheless, in some(More)
Measurements of occupational exposure to chemical agents are performed by sampling and analyzing workplace atmospheres. In France, this is done by the industrial hygienists of the prevention network of the Social Security Service, who collect and then enter the data in the COLCHIC database. More than 900000 measurements performed in French companies over(More)
Exploratory bioaerosol sampling was performed in order to assess exposure to airborne endotoxins during sewer work. Personal samples were collected in underground sewer pipes using 37-mm closed-face cassettes containing fibreglass filters (CFC-FG method) or polycarbonate filters (CFC-PC method). Endotoxins were quantified using the limulus amoebocyte lysate(More)
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) or e-waste recycling sector has grown considerably in the last fifteen years due to the ever shorter life cycles of consumables and an increasingly restrictive policy context. Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) from used television and computer screens represent one of the main sources of e-waste. CRTs contain(More)
We report on angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) experiments on Cu(110) using Mg K(alpha) radiation. The secondary emission (SE) fine structure of electrons below 50 eV is found to map the empty band structure relevant for absolute band mapping in ARPES. The finding is based on a direct comparison of our experiments with very low-energy electron(More)