Frederic Chapelle

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This paper presents a n original use of Evolutionary Algorithms in order t o approximate by a closed f o r m the inverse kinematic model (I K M) of analytical, non,-anal$ical and general (i.e. with a n arbitrary geome-t r y) manipulators. T h e objective is t o provide a f a s t and general solution t o the inverse kinematic problem when it is extensively(More)
The characterization of the hepatobiliary contrast agent Gd-EOB-DTPA (gadolinium 3, 6, 9-triaza-3, 6, 9-tris(carboxymethyl)-4-(4-ethoxybenzyl)-undecandicarboxylic acid) in various media (water solution, protein containing solution, phosphorylated metabolites solution, and excised and perfused liver) was performed using different NMR approaches: water 1H(More)
Opinions differ on the value of microbiological testing of endoscopes, which varies according to the technique used. We compared the efficacy on bacterial biofilms of sampling solutions used for the surveillance of the contamination of endoscope channels. To compare efficacy, we used an experimental model of a 48-h Pseudomonas biofilm grown on endoscope(More)
This paper presents the modeling of a new mini-invasive neurosurgical resection robot. This robot aims to help to remove brain tumors and is incorporated into a multi-robot neurosurgical system. We focus especially on the resection task. The robot is composed of three serial bending modules actuated by wires (cables) and uses an additional translation. The(More)
Applications to Porous Media: 1. The anomalous adsorbate dynamics at surfaces in porous media studied by NMR methods. The orientational structure factor and Lévy walks 17. Reorientations mediated by translational diffusion as a mechanism for nuclear magnetic relaxation of molecules confined in surface layers 6. Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion of(More)
Parallel structure machines are a means to reach higher acceleration capacities, and thus significant reductions in machining time. But this contribution implies having light structures, leading to significant deformations in dynamic conditions. Based on a prototype built at IFMA and its numerical model, this article shows first the influence of elastic(More)
The production machine evolutions impose a better control and consequently we need more accurate models. To ensure this accuracy, models have to take into account phenomena neglected previously such as elasticity and friction. This paper proposes an adapted metrological device to measure the displacement of machine points and identify its dynamic behavior.(More)
In robotics, static stiffness maps are used as tools for the performance analysis of robots employed in production tasks, such as pick-and-place or manufacturing. This paper evaluates the relevance of a numerical tool built from a commercial finite element package to generate stiffness maps for any type of robot (serial, parallel, hybrid or compliant). The(More)
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