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Histone variants are non-allelic protein isoforms that play key roles in diversifying chromatin structure. The known number of such variants has greatly increased in recent years, but the lack of naming conventions for them has led to a variety of naming styles, multiple synonyms and misleading homographs that obscure variant relationships and complicate(More)
BACKGROUND Flowering plant seeds originate from a unique double-fertilization event, which involves two sperm cells and two female gametes, the egg cell and the central cell. For many years our knowledge of mechanisms involved in angiosperm fertilization remained minimal. It was obvious that several signals were required to explain how the male gametes are(More)
The goal of the FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Crit-icality Analysis) process is to determine the consequences that failures may have on the function of a complex system. In aeronautic industries, this process is very important and must comply with international standards. Today, most of the process is performed manually. This can be problematic, since,(More)
While Marchantia polymorpha has been utilized as a model system to investigate fundamental biological questions for over almost two centuries, there is renewed interest in M. polymorpha as a model genetic organism in the genomics era. Here we outline community guidelines for M. polymorpha gene and transgene nomenclature, and we anticipate that these(More)
Advances in Fertilization. In flowering plants, fertilization is initiated by the delivery of immotile sperm cells to the boundary between two female gametes, the egg cell and the central cell. During female gamete development in Arabidopsis, the nucleus of the central cell becomes positioned toward this boundary. How this specific polarized nuclear(More)
One eighth of Europe’s forests are still managed as coppice. In some European countries, more than half of the forest exhibits coppice structures from the past or present coppice management. Many of these forests grow in the broadleaf zone of mountainous regions, often on steep slopes. Here, they play an important role in rockfall protection. However, it(More)
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