Frederic Basse

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After incorporation of spin-labeled phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, and phosphatidylethanolamine analogues in the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane in resting platelets, more than 90% amino-head analogues accumulated within 30 min in the inner leaflet by aminophospholipid translocase activity, while choline analogues mostly remained on the outer(More)
The effect of benzyl alcohol on the transverse mobility and repartition of phospholipids in the human erythrocyte membrane was investigated using electron spin resonance and morphological modification of red blood cells. Transmembrane internalization rates and equilibrium distribution in red blood cells of short-chain spin-labeled phosphatidylcholine,(More)
Platelets were incubated in the presence of calpeptin to inhibit calpain-mediated cytoskeleton proteolysis during further activation by Ca2+ ionophore A23187. The appearance of filamin and myosin subfragments (93 kDa and 135 kDa, respectively) was inhibited by low calpeptin doses (1 microgram/ml). Higher doses (10-20 micrograms/ml) were required to(More)
Modern home networks are becoming more and more complex with the integration of various types of interconnected smart devices, using heterogeneous networking technologies. Many of these devices are also connected to the Internet, generally through an integrated access device. Those smart devices are potentially vulnerable to several types of attacks. In(More)
Spin labeled phospholipid analogs were used to directly study changes in aminophospholipid translocase activity in activated platelets. In thrombin-activated platelets, the translocase activity was slightly stimulated, whereas no vesicle formation or proteolysis of cytoskeletal protein occurred. Ca2+ ionophore A23187-mediated activation produced(More)
We used paramagnetic analogs of endogenous phospholipids to study modification of phospholipid distribution in platelet plasma membranes during aging. Asymmetrical distributions and translocation kinetics were very different for spin-labeled phosphatidylserine and spin-labeled phosphatidylcholine in fresh platelet plasma membranes. In freshly prepared(More)
The fluidity of isolated chicken ventricular plasma membranes was investigated by ESR spectroscopy, using three doxylstearic spin labels (5-SASL, 10-SASL and 16-SASL), and by fluorescence anisotropy measurements, using DPH probe. The analysis of 2T1 splitting constant and rotational correlation frequency have shown differences, during in-ovo development,(More)
Fatty acid acylation of platelet proteins was studied by measuring incorporation of [3H]palmitate and [3H]myristate after incubation at 37 degrees C for 4 h. About ten major radiolabeled proteins were detected after SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and fluorography, for both fatty acids. Cleavage by hydroxylamine treatment indicated an ester bond of(More)
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