Frederic Bartumeus

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Theoretical and empirical investigations of search strategies typically have failed to distinguish the distinct roles played by density versus patchiness of resources. It is well known that motility and diffusivity of organisms often increase in environments with low density of resources, but thus far there has been little progress in understanding the(More)
Long-distance dispersal (LDD) events, although rare for most plant species, can strongly influence population and community dynamics. Animals function as a key biotic vector of seeds and thus, a mechanistic and quantitative understanding of how individual animal behaviors scale to dispersal patterns at different spatial scales is a question of critical(More)
Three cases of neurinomas of the facial nerve are reported. Two of them originated from the labyrinthine portion of the nerve and the other from the vertical portion. Neurinomas of the first part of the facial nerve can be suspected preoperatively since they seem to give rise to specific clinical and radiological manifestations that can be distinguished(More)
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