Frederic Backouche

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Myosin II motors play several important roles in a variety of cellular processes, some of which involve active assembly/disassembly of cytoskeletal substructures. Myosin II motors have been shown to function in actin bundle turnover in neuronal growth cones and in the recycling of actin filaments during cytokinesis. Close examination had shown an intimate(More)
The actin cytoskeleton is an active gel which constantly remodels during cellular processes such as motility and division. Myosin II molecular motors are involved in this active remodeling process and therefore control the dynamic self-organization of cytoskeletal structures. Due to the complexity of in vivo systems, it is hard to investigate the role of(More)
The cellular cytoskeleton is a complex dynamical network that constantly remodels as cells divide and move. This reorganization process occurs not only at the cell membrane, but also in the cell interior (bulk). During locomotion, regulated actin assembly near the plasma membrane produces lamellipodia and filopodia. Therefore, most in vitro experiments(More)
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